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Women and Children

Our Services aim to combine Yolŋu and Balanda laws and processes to address domestic and family violence through early intervention, crisis support and rehabilitation and healing. 


These services can facilitate interventions to the cycle of violence, and assist in finding and maintaining support systems that  protect women and children experiencing violent situations.


Crisis Accommodation

The crisis accommodation will have the capacity to house 16 people within 6 rooms.

The service will provide clients with:

·    Secure accommodation if required to sleep/ rest

·    Access to a secure shared space and facilities (kitchen, lounge and TV, laundry and garden)

·    Meals and amenities

Case Management

GWS staff and members are currently developing a unique case management framework that is grounded in Gurrutu and aligned to essential Balanda processes and best practice models of family violence support work. Once trialled and evaluated, this model will form the foundations of the service GWS offers to women, children, and families. Within this framework GWS will offer clients access to two streams of flexible support:

  • Crisis Support for women and children at immediate risk of family violence. This could involve support in getting to a safe place, safety planning, provision of food packs etc.

  • Ongoing Flexible Support as part of a case plan. The case plan will fit within our unique case management framework, combining supports from both Yolŋu and Balanda systems

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