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About Galiwin'ku Women's Space

We are a positive space with strong roots in community and Yolŋu culture. We believe that together we can create a safer and stronger Galiwin’ku.

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To stop the cycle of violence and create real change in our community so we achieve our aspiration to be a stronger and safer community.


We believe that strong culture means strong families and safe community, free of domestic and family violence.

Working together with both Yolŋu and Balanda (non-Yolŋu) we will support women, children and families (including men) in Galiwin’ku to overcome domestic and family violence by providing a range of crisis and preventative support resources and services.

We seek to achieve this by empowering women in the community to come together to support and encourage the healing and wellbeing of each other and that of our community.

We are committed to stopping the cycle of violence and will tirelessly pursue innovative ideas that will help build a stronger and safer community.

Laluk Pandanus Nut


 Pandanus Nut 

We are 

Guided by our values, they are our foundations and define who we are and how we engage with the community.

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