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Our Journey

We are working towards a stronger more connected community. Because we know a community where women and children are safe from violence, is a community where culture is thriving. 


Our Future

In 2021 GWS will transition into a fully operational service offering crisis accommodation, case management and outreach from our new building. Our goal is to continue to create safe spaces for women and children in Galiwin’ku who are experiencing domestic and family violence. Through access to crisis accommodation, case management and outreach support women and their families will be supported to live the lives they desire, free of domestic and family violence. This service will contribute to the Galiwin’ku Women’s Space Inc.’s vision of a stronger and safer community.


GWS is also growing our Women’s Healing and Wellbeing programs with ideas such as bush medicine gardens, weaving and art spaces, wailing, bungul, miyalk rom, Women’s Camping and Hunting trips in the works.

To ensure that our services meet the needs of the community, community engagement is a priority for us. We are currently developing a strategy for working closely with our leaders and elders (men and women) to rally a community commitment to the betterment of Galiwinku’s future generations through transparency, engagement and contribution to the development of safety and wellbeing strategies for all.

Our History


We have

Knowledge and skills in both Yolŋu and Balanda systems



 Fresh Water Reeds 

"We want the safety in our community, and the space in our building. That is the difference between a space and a shelter".

Gaylene Gurruwiwi, Galiwin'ku Women's Space Member

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