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About Us

In the heart of East Arnhem Land, the Galiwin’ku community stands as a beacon of strength and resilience. 

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Our Vision

We are committed to stopping the cycle of violence and will tirelessly pursue innovative ideas that will help build a stronger and safer community. 

Our Mission

To stop the cycle of violence and create real change in our community by empowering women in the community to come together to support and encourage the healing and wellbeing of each other.

Our Values

We have three main values;

Community, Organisation & Members.

We exist as an organisation only because of the values we inherited from our community that respects, celebrates and communicates Yolŋu culture.

Galiwin'ku womens space inc - 2022 - Stripes 2.png

Our Story

The conversation for a safe house was started back in 2013. After two years of back and forth,  Galiwin'ku Women's. Space was formed linking with NT Police, NAAJA, First Circles and MLA for Nhulunbuy.  Since 2015 we have continued to expand our programs, support and services in order to provide safety, education and empowerment for many women throughout Northern East Arnhem Land experiencing domestic family violence in Galiwin'ku and neighbouring communities. 

Our commitment to working towards finding a solution to domestic violence has not come without struggles and setbacks. 

Currently we offer an array of services, including domestic violence crisis accommodation, case management, outreach support, and wellbeing programs, tailored to meet the unique needs of this remote Indigenous community.

Our hope is to be able to offer more services and programs to neighbouring communities and raise much needed funds and awareness to strengthen our communities and make them safer for women.

We rely on the support of the government and stakeholders to deliver programs, services and accessibility to our safe house in Galiwin'ku.


Our Approach

Gurrutu Centred

 A gurruṯu-centred approach recognises and works through the existing Yolŋu system of relatedness, care and responsibility through which family violence issues can be better understood and addressed.

Client Led

Our services are designed to offer guidance, knowledge, support and safety to women so they can negotiate their own ways of overcoming their experiences of domestic and family violence.

Two Worlds

We are currently developing our service model in line with cultural and community needs.


More to come.

Our Team

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